Ep #47 - Coaches that LIE and Harm Artist's Careers (Warning - RANT INSIDE)

Season #1

Warning:  This is a RANT about coaches stealing money from you and giving bad advice!  Here I talk about how some art biz coaches LIE, take your money and then kill your business with bad advice. I will never do that to you!

HOW TO  PRICE $$$ your art is one of the ways high priced art business coaches LIE to you.  That is the topic of this Rant, um, I mean, Podcast! 

 If you want the real deal, I will never bull-sh*t you!  I will tell you the truth, even if it hurts.  Listen to this podcast, especially if you are a new artist, just starting out, and you want to know "how do I price my art?"  

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In this episode I discuss the following:

 ➡️How bad advice from coaches who are not making money from art can HURT you

 ➡️Why a newbie artist shouldn't price their art too high 

 ➡️Your value of art vs. the price the consumer will pay

 ➡️How you can raise your prices - when it's a good time to do it


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