Art Money Success with Maria Brophy - Designing a Life you LOVE!

Art Money Success with Maria Brophy - Designing a Life you LOVE!

Hosted by: Maria Brophy

How to use your creative talents to build a life you love. Hosted by Maria Brophy, Author of Amazon Best Selling book ART MONEY SUCCESS.

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Ep #10 - DECIDE what you want and you will be able to GET IT!

DECIDE what you want and you will be able to GET IT!   In this ART MONEY SUCCESS Podcast, we talk about how important it is to get CLARITY on what you want by writing it down on paper.  We talk about WHY it works and...
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Ep #9 - The MAGIC 3 Step Formula for Bringing your Dreams to Life with Guest Christine O'Donnell

There is a magic (and simple) formula for reaching your dreams. In this episode, we talk about the simple 3 step process to make your dreams come true. In this episode I interview my first guest on the ART MONEY...
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Ep #8 - Taking INSPIRED Action leads to What you Want

Inspired Action: Don't ignore your flashes of insight, they come from your inner wisdom and will lead you to what you want. If you liked this episode, leave me a review please! And, check out my online courses for...
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Ep #7 - How Clarity on a Dollar Amount leads to More Money

Today's episode is for my bestie, Christine - and it's for you, too!   When you write down the amount of money you want to earn each month, your mind will be more likely to recognize the opportunities that will lead...
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Ep #6 Passion and Frustration of NEEDING TO CREATE but NO TIME!

How do you handle the utter FRUSTRATION of NEEDING to create, but, other things (like jobs, kids, dogs) take so much time, you just can't?! In this short episode, we talk about The Law of Sacrifice and the things you...
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Ep #5 - The number one reason people aren't buying from you!

Artists, healers, all entrepreneurs: if you're serious about growing your sales, you must listen to this one! There's a few reasons you aren't selling as much as you'd like. This might be one of them. Good news is,...
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Ep #4 - Evening Mindi-tation to do before sleep tonight

This is a quick guided "Mindi-tation" - bring pen and paper. This will help you sleep well tonight and set your intention to wake up refreshed and feeling peaceful. Grab a PEN AND PAPER, sit somewhere quiet, and join...
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Ep #3 - Taking Action from Intention vs. Fear

In this episode I share how I caught myself making a decision based on fear rather than intention. Fear based choices and actions rarely lead to success. Intention based choices and actions usually result in getting...
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Ep #2 - Get Clarity on Your Dreams - ART MONEY SUCCESS with Maria Brophy

If you don't get clear on your own dreams, you'll be living someone else's dreams!  In this episode we talk about how to get clarity on what you want and why you need to live your life intentionally, for...
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Episode #1 - Welcome to the ART MONEY SUCCESS Podcast with Maria Brophy

An introduction to the ART MONEY SUCCESS Podcast. Being an artist or author is not the easiest way to make money, but it sure makes for a great lifestyle! This podcast is intended to inspire, education and guide you...
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