How to Make and Paint a SCARY MASK for Halloween out of Cardboard and Paint Pens

Uncategorized Oct 20, 2020

One year we were invited to a Dunes Club Halloween Party when we were in Myrtle Beach, S.C. for Halloween – we had only an hour to come up with costumes.

But, thanks to the wonders of duct-tape, Posca paint pens and cardboard, Drew was able to throw this scary mask “medicine man” Halloween costume together fast!

Here’s how you can make your own Scary Halloween Mask and Costume using everyday household items:


*FACE MASK – Cardboard, Posca Paint Pens, wire, palm fronds or any type of greenery, duct tape

Draw a creepy mask on cardboard, then cut it out with scissors.  Put a piece of wire inside the  mask so it keeps it’s curve.  Secure it with duct tape on the inside.  A strap to hold it on was made with duct tape.  The palm fronds were cut and laid into a fan on the top, and around the back of the strap, and secured with duct tape.  (If you don’t have palm fronds, try any...

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Mandala Stencil – how to Sketch the center point step-by-step

Uncategorized Sep 14, 2020

Painting a Mandala is a practice that goes back thousands of years.  Recently, painting a mandala has become very popular.  It’s not only popular with artists but also with therapists for PTSD and anxiety ridden patients.

Mandala painting is easy enough that anyone can do it (even someone who has never painted) and it’s a great exercise in composition and color theory.

AND, it’s very soothing for the mind, body and soul, especially during these crazy times.

WHAT IS A MANDALA? Without a doubt, you’ve seen mandalas everywhere, even if you didn’t know it.

A mandala is a geometrical design with symbols and shapes that come from one center point.  Mandalas are incredibly relaxing to paint.

When creating your own mandala, you will be surprised to discover later that without even thinking about it, you created art that contains images that carry meaning to you.  Some say that mandalas represent the connection...

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Posca Pen Art: Discover What You Can Create

Uncategorized Sep 08, 2020

At Brophy Art Academy, we meet all kinds of artists. Some have spent years working on their craft, while many others are beginners that have always longed to express themselves through visual art. Posca pen art can be the ideal way to dive into painting, and we can give you all the support you need to create amazing, fulfilling pieces of art.

Anyone Can Create Amazing Art!

We find that everyone has an inner artist, but many people lack confidence. We hear all the time, “I could never be an artist,” or “I could never create great artwork.” But we promise you, with a bit of instruction, anyone can create something beautiful.

With our online art courses, you quickly will learn all the techniques you need in order to create with Posca paint pens. The online courses include several lessons, which you can view again and again.

Why Posca Pen Art?

Posca paint pens are an ideal medium for anyone who wants to learn how to paint. They are...

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Why we started Brophy Art Academy

Uncategorized Jul 31, 2020

Drew and I have always loved art and the warm feeling of collaborating with other creative people.

Together for the past 20 years we have traveled the world sharing art with others; teaching kids how to paint in surfing towns in Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Bali and all over Europe.

We have accidentally created a warm, close community of artists and creatives, from newbies to lifelong professionals.  It brings us great joy when we are able to encourage someone to paint for the first time and discover that they are capable of making art.

In 2018 we created Brophy Art Academy with the intention of building a loving, inclusive community of artists.

We welcome everyone, even someone who hasn’t yet tried their hand at art.

We dreamed of building a group of people who would enjoy learning and who would also encourage others to be creative.

Our mantra is:  There are no rules in art!  Everyone should enjoy the freedom to create in any way they please.

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