How to plan a successful art exhibit

Get new buyers and gain Lifelong Collectors

Learn a proven step-by-step process on how to plan your own art exhibit, reach more buyers and sell more art, WITHOUT the hassle of going through galleries, grants or gatekeepers!

I'm going to guide you every step of the way....

Your art deserves to be seen.  
If you wait to be discovered, it may never happen!






How to plan a successful art exhibition

Because you Deserve to show (and sell) your art!


A complete easy-to-follow process for artists to reach new buyers, show their work and sell more art!



My dear artist friends,

There's only one way to become a full-time thriving artist:  and that's to sell $ enough art to provide your income.

To sell more art, you have to, well, SHOW it to more people!

And to SELL art to more people, there's really only one best way to do it - and that's by SHOWING YOUR ART IN PERSON.  (Instant sales)

BUT, do you have these 2 problems that most artists have?

1-You don't know where to exhibit your art.  Galleries aren't knocking on your door!

2-When you do show art (through galleries or a local coffee shop), you aren't making enough money $ in sales.

There's a reason why you are missing the boat, and I PROMISE YOU this: 

I have the SOLUTION!

I've been through it all, and I've had to figure it out because selling art has been the only income for my family for the past 2 decades.

There is a process to not only put on your own exhibition, but also to do it in IN A WAY THAT SELLS ART.  (And I'm going to teach you.)

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned from the last 20 years of bypassing the gallery system to exhibit my husband Drew Brophy’s art, and I put it into this course.


ART EXHIBITS THAT SELL is a PROCESS that you can use, again and again, for the rest of your art life.  It will enable you to create the exhibition YOU want AND sell more art.  And in the process, grow your list of collectors.


You’ll learn the strategies to create an exhibition that shows your art proudly and that gets your art into the hands of people who value it!  I will reveal these strategies to you in easy to follow, step-by-step instructions.


Why do I care so much about art exhibitions?  Because I learned the hard way. 

Nearly 20 years ago our art sales were under $25,000.  Not enough $ to support a family of 4 in Southern California!

After years of experimenting with building collectors and exhibiting Drew's art, we went from $25,000 to $250,000 in art sales YEARLY.  That's an extra ZERO "0" !

Why this works:  you are more likely to truly connect with buyers and sell your art IN PERSON than you will online.

And once you get a new buyer, they have a Lifetime Value as a collector - they will always buy from you and they will tell their friends.  

It's like compounding interest - it just keeps growing over time.

I've learned that exhibiting art is the BEST way to take a quantum leap in art sales.  It will continue to grow your list of buyers, which leads to a full-time art career.  (Our art sales has fully supported our family for 2 decades now.)

And there's no better feeling than to have your art beautifully displayed in a physical space!


One more thing: I have a problem with the idea that an artist has to “starve.”  I can’t stand the old notion that artist’s can’t make it with their art. I know it’s a lie and I want to see artists take back control of their destiny.  


I suppose it’s personal for me.  You see, after Drew and I had been rejected again and again by the "gate-keepers," we had a choice:  give up, or take matters into our own hands.


Being rejected is a terrible feeling. But we didn’t quit. Instead, we decided to figure out how to put on our own exhibition.


Over the years, we have experimented with everything from renting a space, to getting other people to host our exhibitions in their venue, to even exhibiting at trade shows and conferences.


We developed a process that works!  Including, how to choose the best venue, how to get the media to write about it (for free) and how to get real buyers to the exhibition.  We also learned how to turn attendees into life-long collectors!


And, best of all, we have sold a lot of art this way!


My Art Exhibition process will work for you, alsoAnd I'm going to share all my secrets with you.


ENROLL in my course!  I will teach you HOW to set up a winning exhibition for your art, from start to finish.  And it WILL increase your art sales, I promise you.


AND:  If you think your art isn't good enough, THINK AGAIN!  No matter what you create, someone is going to love it. 

When Drew and I started, his art was extremely "beginner" and we were able to begin building his collector base before he even got good at what he did.

No matter where you are in your art process, there are fans for you.  It's up to YOU to give them the opportunity to support you and your work!



βœ“  We GET CLARITY on what is deeply important to you and make a plan to bring it to life
βœ“  Why your artwork deserves to be exhibited (no matter where you are in your career)
βœ“  The Top Three lies told to artists (and how it will no longer hold you back)
βœ“  Generating the confidence to Make your own RULES
βœ“  You will be guided to lay out your vision, goals and intentions
βœ“  We get clarity on what is most important to you and what you consider to be success with your exhibit
βœ“  We will poke holes in WHAT HAS BEEN HOLDING YOU BACK and we will help you gain confidence where it’s needed
βœ“  You will be guided through an easy exercise to communicate a description of your artwork and vision for the exhibit, using scripts and an easy-to-follow format.
βœ“  We will discover the perfect venue for your exhibit.  You’ll learn the secret to getting someone else to host your exhibit with little to zero money out of your own pocket!
βœ“ Venue types:  You are going to learn something no one ever teaches - that you can get your next art show hosted by a variety of people, including:
Home shows, corporate offices, charity events, trade shows, work spaces, real estate brokers, high end restaurants, public spaces, and so much more.  
This is the true meat of the course:  You will learn HOW to set this up easily so that it's a win-win for all.  You will never need a gallery again (but this works great even if you do have a gallery representing you) 
βœ“  How much you should offer the hosting venue:  A % of your art sales?  And if so, how much?  Most venues won't want anything.  But, I give you a formula to work with that is fair to all.
We will cover all the details with a complete system for you to follow.
βœ“  Artwork Blueprint:  How to determine how many pieces you should include, in what sizes, and how should you present it for maximum success. Special Guest artist Drew Brophy will guide this lesson and share his tried and true process for a memorable exhibit.
βœ“  How to advertise (for free) and get the RIGHT BUYERS to your exhibition
βœ“  Who should you invite?  The number one thing to focus on if you want to get buyers and appreciators of your art.
βœ“  How to get VIP and your dream guests to attend (it's actually really easy with this one little action step)
βœ“  How to get FREE MEDIA: Get news media to feature your exhibition 
βœ“  Extra secrets to get NEXT LEVEL RESULTS (hint:  they are so simple, they are often overlooked)
βœ“  PRICING:  How to price your originals and your reproductions and how to design your pricing for optimal sales
βœ“  VIP Reception:  This is one little secret that works every time to get VIP people to attend AND get Pre-Exhibition sales (and why you should do it).
βœ“  Post-Exhibition sales - a proven process that works to get sales AFTER the exhibit
βœ“  How to create an atmosphere that not only WOWS people, but also creates a buying vibe
βœ“  The powerful little secret that no-one talks about, and it works, to create a BUYING FRENZY on opening day.
βœ“  How to create a memorable experience that your attendees will talk about for years
βœ“  A plethora of strategies to sell more art at your exhibit
βœ“  How to get the most mileage out of meeting new people at your exhibition
βœ“  Follow up after the close of the exhibition

"Your course came at the best time for me!  It's given me purpose and I'm excited to get back into showing my art.
- Marlo Steinke, Tinley Park, ILL


βœ“  WORKSHEETS that help you get clarity on your vision and how to describe it.

βœ“  You’ll get word-for-word email and verbal SCRIPTS that make it easy for you to:

Approach the venue of your dreams
Get VIP people to attend
Get the Media to announce it (for free)

βœ“  You’ll get a sample timeline calendar that makes it easy for you plan out all details


(A very low investment when you consider taking total control of your exhibitions and increasing art sales!)

"This course provided such valuable and useful information with the right amount of real-world knowledge that brings you to realize achieving your goal is possible. Maria's generous spirit showed me that I don't have to have all the answers or all the details figured out to start working towards a goal or dream. In fact, it is only by defining the larger goal and then diving in and taking action that each step in the process will be revealed."

- Stacey Reynolds
The Art of Spencer Reynolds  -


"I thought exhibiting art was for other people, but after taking this course, I know how I can do it, too. I also learned that it's not that hard to get VIP people to attend.  Your course showed me how."

- Kristen Girard


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You’re Protected With Our 100% Risk-Free Guarantee

Your success is my success!  It's important to me that you get massive results from this course.  So I'm offering a generous guarantee that you rarely see with courses:

The 60 Day “I did the work but it didn’t work” Guarantee.

This course was designed to get you to the next level in your art biz.  I care about your results and I'm going to give you all I've got to help you grow.  If my process doesn't work for you then you can get a refund.

If you went through the course and did the homework and you still didn’t get results, I want to give you your money back.  

All I ask is that you first make sure you do all of the work and the worksheets because truly, the magic is in the action!

Frequently Asked Questions

Your course is taught through our online course website with video and written instruction.

The course takes approximately 8 hours from start to finish.  That includes the time necessary to complete the written exercises that you are given.

Full instructions will be sent once you sign up. It will be easy as long as you have a computer or smartphone.

Your courses begins the second you ENROLL!

As soon as you sign up and pay, you'll receive an email with your login. 

You can begin the course right away, and you can move from module to module at your own pace.


Yes!  This course will give you a jump-start in selling your art!

There’s no better time than right now to start planning your first art exhibition.  This course will give you a quantum leap into your new life as an artist.

Perfect!  This course will give you the motivation, inspiration and framework to jumpstart your ideas.

Yes, this course will contain strategies that work no matter where you exhibit your art, even in galleries.

AND, the strategies you learn will enable you to EXPAND your art sales by doing exhibitions outside of your gallery geographical area.

Why limit your income to just one area?  This course gives you the ability to double and triple your art sales efforts.

Forever, as long as the course is available!

ALSO:  The course is constantly being updated with additional materials and you'll also have access to that.


βœ“  Access to a POWERFUL PROCESS that will teach you how to plan the most successful art exhibit you can imagine.
βœ“  A proven process to get true art buyers to your exhibition.
βœ“  Non-conventional strategies that allow you to show your work to new audiences.
βœ“  The secret to having someone else HOST your exhibition (and pay for it).
βœ“  Scripts for emails and phone calls that WORK to secure a venue and to sell your art.
βœ“  Strategies to get the media to write about you

βœ“  Strategies on how to get sponsors to donate beer, wine, appetizers for your exhibition
βœ“  Tried and true sales techniques that any artist can feel good about using at their exhibition
βœ“ LIFE-LONG EARNING POWER:  The knowledge you gain from this course will not only earn you more art sales $$$ for your next exhibition, it will bring you a quantum leap in art sales for the rest of your life as an artist!

Think of it as compounding interest...


“My dream to become a successful artist is coming true, and I give Maria major credit for getting me there. Maria’s coaching expertise is beyond what I expected.  She always has answers to my questions, and unique strategies for my goals. Her experience in the art industry is vast, and her knowledge is invaluable and cutting edge. But best of all, she believes in me, and instills belief in myself.”

- Sarah Phelps

"I’ve followed Maria’s advice for years.  I’ve become more confident in knowing what I want and how to ask for it. Maria has so much knowledge and you will not regret your work with her!

- Kelly Reark


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