Ep #6 - 5 Minutes to EXTREME FOCUS - Morning GUIDED MINDITATION to get that one thing DONE!

A short five minute meditation x intention = MINDITATION to help you get extremely focused. This will help you get that big project accomplished! Have a pen and a piece of paper by your side. This guided meditation helps to clear your mind and then get you focused on what really matters for you today.

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The journal questions are:

1 - HOW do I want to FEEL today? (ex: I want to feel focused. I want to feel like I'm completing things. I want to feel my day flow easily.)

Write: "I want to feel __________________"

2 - WHO do I want to be today? (ex: I want to be a person who gets things done. I want to be creative. I want to be highly productive. I want to be in a state of flow.)

Write: "I want to be ____________________________ today."

3 - WHAT is your dominant intention for today?

Write: "My dominant intention for today is to ___________________"

4 - The first thing I will do today is: _______________________

(This is the first step toward your dominant intention)


I hope you now have complete focus and direction for today! Your productivity will rise today by 80%.


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And thanks for shining your light. The world benefits from every little meditation you do. You are expanding your light with every breath you take.

You are important to me and this earth. xoxo Maria


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