Ep #38 - How to POLITELY tell people you don't work for free? Friends & Family Edition

Season #1

HOW TO POLITELY TELL PEOPLE YOU DON'T WORK FOR FREE?  How to deal with friends and family.  This is an "ART MONEY SUCCESS (AMS) Q&A" where I answer a question that one of my "inner circle" artists sent me by email.  

Do you feel obligated to give your family & friends FREE work?  It doesn't just hurt your business, it hurts your future and your children and your finances.

You train people to interact with you in a certain way.  It's up to YOU to change this expectation.  That's what we cover in this Podcast.

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In this episode I share the following:

 ➡️A 4-step process to TRAINING your loved ones, friends and family, to SEE you as a professional and EXPECT to pay you  :)

 ➡️How to show gratitude for them supporting your business at the same time you let them know you will be charging them

 ➡️ I give you the EXACT WORDS TO SAY to shift the expectation from "free" to "paid"

 ➡️For a Deeper Dive into this Topic, read:  AN ENTREPRENEUR'S CHALLENGE - DOING BUSINESS WITH FRIENDS AND FAMILY:  https://mariabrophy.com/philosophy/an-entrepreneurs-challenge-%E2%80%93-doing-business-with-friends.html

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