Ep #22 Easy Tools to Track and Manage Your Money with Beth Dana

What is that ONE THING you spend WAY too much money on?!  And are you even aware of it?

For me - it's wine. The older I get, the more expensive my wine gets. :) And at some point I realized I was spending more on wine than some people do on a car payment!

This is why you need to track your finances. I never used to track my money flow in and out. BUT dang, once you start, it changes EVERYTHING!
What you track EXPANDS.

And, tracking it keeps you from spending where you don't want to spend.

You don't need to GIVE UP things that are important to you; just give up the things that aren't. But you need to NOTICE where the money is going so you can make those conscious choices.  

AND: Investments vs. Expenses. If you're investing in your biz or your personal growth, it's not an expense, it's an investment. Know the difference!

In this Podcast, Holistic Financial Coach Beth Dana gives us suggestions on how to easily track our money; so that we grow and have more of it.

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Beth Dana is author of the series of books called MAKE MONEY YOUR PARTNER and she is a holistic financial coach and guide. And she's also a good friend of mine!

This is Part 5 of my 5 DAY MONEY SERIES with Financial Coach Beth Dana.


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