Ep #21 - How to HANDLE THE MONEY when it COMES IN

This episode contains a FORMULA for where to put your money and in what percentages.  It also has a lot of wild truth bombs, such as:  "Paying everything else first and paying yourself LAST is what keeps people stuck in a poor state of finances."

"Money needs a job" and "If you don't choose where it's going to go, everyone else will choose for you."

In this LIVE Podcast, I interview Holistic Financial Coach Beth Dana. She tells us how to allocate the money we have so that we are financially healthy.

If you want to see TRUE TRANSFORMATION in your money situation, check out our MAKE MONEY YOUR PARTNER WORKSHOP here: https://www.brophyartacademy.com/Money-Partner

Beth Dana is author of the series of books called MAKE MONEY YOUR PARTNER and she is a holistic financial coach and guide. And she's also a good friend of mine!

Visit Beth Dana's Website here: https://www.bethldana.com/ 


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