Ep #18 Transform Your Money Mindset - Interview with Financial Coach Beth Dana

A "poor" money mindset will prevent you from growing your income and abundance. It's something I've struggled with the first 2/3 of my life!

In this LIVE Podcast, I interview Holistic Financial Coach and Author Beth Dana. She gives us a quick rundown on what a Money Mindset is and how to Transform Yours so that you can create more abundance in your life.

Beth Dana is author of the series of books called MAKE MONEY YOUR PARTNER and she is a holistic financial coach. And she's also a good friend of mine!

If you want to discover how to get control of your finances and transform your money situation, check out our MAKE MONEY YOUR PARTNER WEBINAR here: https://www.brophyartacademy.com/Money-Partner

This is Part 1 of my 5 DAY MONEY SERIES with Financial Coach Beth Dana. 

Visit Beth Dana's Website here: https://www.bethldana.com/ 


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