Template for Muralists:

How To Price Your Wall Mural


Wall Mural Proposal Template 

This Template package MAKES IT EASY for you to decide how much to charge and what should be included in your proposal!

  • Are you an artist who paints murals? You should be using a pricing structure that is fair to you AND a proposal template that makes sense to your client. 
  • Maria Brophy's MURAL PRICING AND PROPOSAL package makes it EASY for you!
  • Maria has been pricing and writing mural proposals for almost two decades. She figured it out for you- all you have to do is plug in your info!
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Maria Says:

"I put this package together to help artists ACTUALLY make money doing what they love; painting murals. My promise to you; this proposal template and explanation will make your job easier as a mural artist."

In this package, you'll receive:

  • Wall mural proposal Template that you can use again and again, with the perfect language and look that will impress your client and get you paid
  • Explanation of how to use the wall mural proposal and tips on how to keep your client happy
  • A sample price sheet with a pricing structure (complete with our own mural pricing that you can use as your guide)

Insider Secrets

In this package, I share with you the following insider secrets to mural painting:

  • How much money you should charge, and what I'm charging!
  • I give you all my pricing in a structure that lays out different prices for different sizes - it's in a word doc, so you can make changes to the price sheet for your own use
  • I explain what limits you should have in your proposal to keep your client from making too many changes to the scope of the work (so you don't lose money)
  • Payment schedule to ensure that you get paid upfront and on time!
  • Tips on how to get your client to say "YES" to your proposal
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Total Win
I had never done a mural before, so I had a lot to figure out in addition to the proposal. This template helped me immensely, and I got the job! It's 37' x 15', inside of a children's tutoring center. Being able to use this gave me the time to do inspiration research to put together for the client, so by the time I started sketching, it was easy to put together different ideas. It was worth it, thanks Maria for making this available!
- Jacqueline Brown

Helped My Career
Hi Maria. I first read your mural pricing info five years ago, and it was extremely helpful to me in developing my own pricing chart. It gave me the courage to have a minimum project fee and to post my mural pricing online. Thank you for doing what you do to help artists with the business side of things.
- Toni

I Got The Job!
I recently bought Maria's proposal template for mural art and was able to land my first big wall mural art gig! They chose me out of 7 artists they interviewed. Maria gave me great ideas about how to price the wall murals. Just wanted to say thank you! I was hired to do three full-room wrap around murals for a house converting into a preschool. All this done in one month. :)
- Cynthia Jax

On the development of this Package:  It took me many years of hard work and trial and error to develop this pricing system and proposal template language. 

I decided to share this information with serious muralists to make their jobs easier.

A committed entrepreneur invests in their business. If you are willing to invest in yourself by using the information as intended, you will prosper from this greatly!

About Maria Brophy

Maria Brophy has been an art agent for nearly 25 years. She's put together thousands of proposals for artists.

Maria doesn't just teach concepts, she has DONE the work and she shows you HOW.

Maria tells you the TRUTH about what works and what does not work in the art business.

She is open with dollar amounts and shares pricing information freely with her students.

Legal Disclaimer:

Maria Brophy is not an attorney; this template is one that was developed over time for her artist clients. For legal advice and documents please consult an artist's attorney.