Journal Your Way to Happiness

The guided daily journaling practice that
puts control of your life back into your own hands...
in only 15 minutes a day.

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Write Your Way to Happiness  ūüĖäÔłŹ

The guided daily writing practice that
puts your life back into your own hands...
in only 15 minutes a day.

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You've probably heard that Journaling will help you break through old patterns that hold you back...


...but you might not know...


Journaling alone can only get you so far.

The REAL shift comes from a powerful combination of three habits done together:

  1. Short writing practice
  2. Asking the RIGHT questions
  3. Light breath-work  

This is what enables you to reach deep into your mind and give yourself the tools, habits, and achievable goals to live life how you want to. You will discover some of the thought patterns holding you back and you'll be guided on how to release and replace them.  


You will be guided through a 15-minute video each day. Your videos include simple breathing exercises to clear your mind. The breathing will help cause a shift in your body and mind. 

Then, you will be given specific prompts and questions designed to ease your mind into releasing hidden blocks. 

With those blocks released, you will be free to intentionally create your happy life.

Through this practice you will quickly:

1.)  DISCOVER:   The REAL fears that keep you stuck in place 

2.)  Re-Discover Your Purpose

3.)  EXPAND:  more fully into your creative genius

4.)  RELEASE:  Let go of your unhelpful thinking patterns


With your blocks released, you now have complete freedom to create the experience you deserve to live!

After you discover the paradigms (blocks) that keep you stuck, you can release them and experience peaceful transformation.


"What I love about this course is it is in manageable time chunks and sustainable as a daily practice for life. I have written Morning Pages (brain dump) in the past and I could not make the practice stick.  But the lessons in this course allow me to focus on one topic for the day and each step builds on the last.   My intuition is letting me know loud and clear to trust the process, and trust you Maria, and I do."  Jill Wasey

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Each guided video session will take you on a

mindful journey of discovery

You'll Discover what is holding you back 
from expressing your full creative self.


This 14 Day Guided practice

WILL take you from ANXIOUS AND WORRIED to 


I've taken everything I've learned from recovering from an abusive and traumatic childhood and going on to create an exciting, joyful life: and I built an easy to follow daily practice that
anyone can do.



BONUS:  You get access to the course forever!  You can take it over and over again.

Each time you do the course you will experience a new breakthrough in your mind, body and spirit!

Here's EXACTLY What You Get:

✅    Instant Access to my 14-Day Guided Writing Practice Videos

✅   Each lesson includes a daily theme and writing prompt

✅   Guided, simple breathwork to activate your body and feel an immediate shift in your energy

At the end of each session you will experience:
A peaceful joy, greater understanding of yourself, and a feeling of calm.

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What students say about my 14-Day Writing Practice:

Maria's guidance had me writing in a free flow.  I was amazed;  I experienced a flow of creativity that I didn't know I had!” 

- Nicole Guyot 
Beth Page, TN

I loved the calming breathwork.  It sets up your mind for what you’re about to write and clears out your head - simple and very effective.

This course helped me to be more intentional and I've been able to create my life for what I want (not what everyone else wants for me).


- Caroline Thilo
Brooklyn, NY



  • You have been feeling¬†anxious¬†about world events
  • You are¬†procrastinating¬†on things that are important
  • You are feeling¬†burdened¬†with your to-do lists
  • You want to be in¬†control¬†of your own thoughts¬†
  • You want to make¬†positive changes¬†in your life
  • You want to¬†create your life¬†to be what YOU want it to be!

14-Day Breakdown of Our Journey: 



Day 1 - Release Your Fears

Dominant Intention:  To release your FEARS. 

Once we recognize what our fears are, evident and hidden, we can release them.  Our first writing exercise helps us do just that.


Day 2 - Getting into the Flow (Gratitude)

Dominant Intention:  To Connect with the FLOW of LIFE.  

Get back into the FLOW of LIFE by recognizing all of the beautiful things we have in our lives, right now.


Day 3 - Using the Power of Words to Bring us What we WANT

Dominant Intention:  To practice using WORDS, both written and spoken, to bring us what we want. 

Generate words that will tell a new STORY which will help to transform a situation in the way we want.


Day 4 - Notice the small things

Dominant Intention:  To help us dig deep for the rich details that make up this beautiful tapestry of our life.


Day 5 - Ignite Your INNER FIRE of Creativity and Passion

Dominant Intention:  Ignite and tap into your inner fire of creativity!  This is a powerful one.


Day 6 - Identify the Physical Objects that keep us in the PAST

Dominant Intention: Recognize the Physical Objects that Keep us STUCK in the Past - and then release them.


Day 7 - Identify and Resolve what holds you back from Creating

Dominant Intention:   Identify the source of what holds you back from a Creative Endeavor. 

Break out of procrastination.  Get to the root cause of your block.


Day 8 - Plotting What We Want

Dominant Intention:  Have fun plotting what we want by writing it down.  What we write down will come to fruition.


Day 9 - Fill What is Empty, Empty What is Full

Dominant Intention:  Fill what is empty, empty what is full.  Many of our thoughts are worries, fears and negative ideas put there by others.  In this practice we protect our mind by first emptying the thoughts and then deciding what we want to think about instead.


Day 10 - Embrace all that is Right with the World

Dominant Intention:  To embrace all that is RIGHT with the world.  What we focus on expands.  Today's writing practice will put us into a beautiful vibration that will make it easier to allow the good stuff in.


Day 11 - RECEIVE the Right answers by ASKING the right Questions

Dominant Intention:  Receive the Right Answers by Asking the Right Questions. 

Find answers to your challenges, goals and problems.


Day 12 - Your Ideal Life Vision

Dominant Intention:  To write out our Ideal Life Vision!   


Day 13 - Notice the Details and Be IN the Present Moment

Dominant Intention:  Be in the magic of the present moment.


Day 14 - Transform our Desires into Reality

Dominant Intention:  Transform your Desires into Reality.  


Imagine what your world will be like when... 


  • You feel at peace no matter what
  • You trust in your intuition
  • You have broken free of the blocks that stop you from creating
  • You feel happy NOW rather than waiting 
  • You have a transformation in how you INTENTIONALLY CREATE your life



“I had no idea I could transform my thinking habits this quickly.  This course is MAGIC!" 
- Caroline Thilo, Brooklyn, NY

Start Writing Your Way to Happiness NOW


I’m incredibly proud of this journal.

The Daily Lessons were "
given” to me by a higher power and
this course was meant to bring peace to people during a time when the world is turbulent. 
It’s helped a lot of people already.  I learned that when I get quiet and ask for guidance,
it comes to me.  This is what I pass onto you in the lessons.


My intention with each lesson is to SHOW YOU
that you are fully capable of accessing your own power inside.


Most of us have busy lives; I designed this so that all you need is 15 minutes a day. 
This is truly all you need to make a powerful difference in your life.

“This workshop has helped me articulate more positive strategies
and has made me feel powerful over my own life.”

- Emily Silver, Boulder, CO

I'm Ready to Start

Leslie Belmonti

"I love your Daily Writing Practice. The negativity is easily being dissolved out of a longstanding problem relationship. The process is shifting my attitude.

I have been looking for something for years now to mentally free me from a situation I have been mired in for way too long. I am just so happy I found your class. It’s working!

Thanks for bringing your beach girl vibe online to my frozen land-locked life in Minnesota."