with Maria Brophy

How to price, negotiate and nail the best possible deal for your art!  


Don't let Money Matters make you nervous when licensing your art!  It's not as complicated as you think, and in this package, Maria breaks it all down for you in a very easy to understand way.

THIS COMPLETE PACKAGE INCLUDES:  Easy-to-use templates you can use NOW for your Deal Memo, written License Agreements and Amendments.  (This package also teaches you how to use them.)  AND a full course on how to work out all Money Matters when it comes to art licensing!

How do you determine price and royalties?  What if they don't want to pay?  How do you work it out?  What ELSE DO YOU NEED TO KNOW?


LEGAL DISCLAIMER:  Maria Brophy is not an attorney.  For legal advice please consult an art licensing attorney in your region.

They say "the devil is in the details" and this is so true when it comes to Licensing your art!

This course and template package makes it EASY for you to understand the nitty gritty details of a licensing deal.

You will become confident in deal-making with the tools provided to you.

In this course and template package you'll get 3 ready-to-use templates including an Art Licensing Agreement template

AND You'll learn answers to:

  • My situation is unique.  How do I price it?  
  • Do I need a contract for a simple deal?
  • They don't want to pay fairly.  Should I do it anyway?  
  • How many samples should I ask for?
  • How do I protect the integrity of my art?
  • What are RED FLAGS to look out for?
  • How can I make sure the agreement is FAIR?
  • What else should I ask for that I'm not thinking of?
  • How do I protect my art from theft?
  • BONUS:  License Agreement Template that you can use again and again!

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In this course you will learn:

  • Various pricing models
  • Royalty rates for different products
  • How to determine what Advance $ amount you should request
  • How royalties % and advances $ work
  • How "Guarantees" get you paid even if the products don't sell
  • How to ensure you are not taken advantage of
  • BONUS:  Deal Memo Template
  • BIG BONUS:  Art Licensing Agreement Template (you need this!)
  • BONUS: Amendment Template
  • Lessons to show you how to use the templates

 "I appreciate how “real” you are and your willingness to share things like pricing and mistakes you’ve made. These are great learning tools and very relatable. Your conversational style is so welcoming!"  


Laura Pertot

“The License Agreement templates are simple, clear and concise. I feel confident going into my first licensing contract with this. It's money well invested!”



"Now that I have the template and instructions, I'm no longer in panic mode!  I'm now communicating with my client and feel a lot more confidence because I know what to say.  Maria's experiences and instruction gave me a lot of strength and confidence!"




$297 USD

  • Gain CONFIDENCE in your deal-making process
  • Learn how to use WORDS to get what you want
  • Insider SECRETS to getting the best royalties and advances
  • TEMPLATES that you can use NOW for your agreement
  • Avoid RED FLAGS
  • How to easily Negotiate
  • and Much More!

Maria Brophy has been an art licensing agent for over 20 years. She's put together thousands of licensing deals for artists.

Maria isn't just teaching concepts, she has DONE the work.  Maria has 20+ years of personal experience licensing art.

Maria tells you the TRUTH about what works and what does not work in licensing art.

She will tell you dollar amounts and how much $$$ she and her husband have made off of different deals.

This program makes it EASY for you to feel confident while putting together your next deal.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER:  Maria Brophy is not an attorney.  Nothing in her courses, teachings, videos templates or course materials is intended to give legal advice.  Maria's information and advice comes from her 20+ years experience in deal making, not legal workFor legal advice please consult an art licensing attorney in your region.