Surfboard Painting Online Course with Drew Brophy

Stop comparing yourself to other artists and

Using Drew Brophy’s tried & true POSCA painting Techniques, you can



using POSCA Paint Pens IN A WEEKEND!


With Drew Brophy’s EASY SURFBOARD PAINTING step-by-step process

How to paint a surfboard with Posca paint pens.

In just one weekend, you can proudly show off your own custom-painted surfboard (even if you have NO experience). 

In this in-depth course, Drew Brophy will show you his tried and true secret process for painting sand-finish surfboards.

You can try to learn on your own, but how many surfboards will you kill in the process?!  

The skills you will learn in this online course will save you literally YEARS of trial and error.





Other “copy cat” mediums wash off in the water.

But POSCA never washes off and is the #1 choice for a long-lasting painting on your surfboard (when you seal it properly).

Drew Brophy has been painting surfboards with POSCA for 30 years. 

Drew developed a unique Posca painting technique that enabled him to paint faster and be more creative with his art on surfboards.

He used his surfboard painting skills to fund his surf trips around the world.

This led to him painting for the Hard Rock Casino and musicians such as Eddie Vedder, Blink 182 and Sublime with Rome, as well as companies like Google, IBM and Uber. 

NOW, in this course, Drew is sharing his painting secrets with you.



Drew’s complete materials list and step-by-step instruction on how to prepare the surface of your board.

Preparing your surfboard the right way will make the paint last a long time and avoid the dreaded “burrito effect” and other problems with clear-coating!


Drew will help you get your ideas onto paper, and then onto the surfboard!

He will show you how to work with the shape of the board, the rider’s personality, and the logo for a great design. 

Then he will teach his painting techniques, color blending and secret color combinations.


Seal your board the right way and the paint will last forever!  In this section, Drew shares all of his pro finishing techniques. 

Just this lesson alone is worth the tuition you pay; proper sealing makes the difference between a professional finish and one that doesn’t last.


✓  How to Prepare the surface of your surfboard (the must-do actions to make sure the paint adheres properly – this first step is one where most people do it wrong)

✓  How to Prepare a used surfboard (crucial for your paint to stick)

✓  A complete list of materials needed (Drew’s favorite brands)

✓ 6 in-depth painting lessons in easy step-by-step exercises

✓  Drew’s secret color blending techniques and color combinations

✓  Drew’s EASY step-by-step Posca painting process

✓  How to Start and finish a surfboard painting in one weekend

✓  How to Seal Your Painting so that it lasts forever and never comes off

✓  BONUS: Extra tips on how to take your painting from “good to great” with highlights and low-lights.

After one weekend, you’ll surprise your friends (and yourself) with your new MAD art skills!


Learning Drew’s Posca painting techniques will literally change your life!

I’ve taken many courses using different mediums, but I LOVED painting with Posca pens and the instruction from Drew was so inspiring.

– Amy Saneto, art enthusiast, Orange County, CA


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*You’ll always have online access to the course once you buy it.  You can take it at your leisure, anytime, anywhere!


Learning from Drew has been a high point in my art career.  His course gave me the knowledge and confidence to take on a large project like a surfboard.  With his techniques I now know how to create a competent and consistent piece of art. As an artist, those are the things I sometimes struggle with.  Drew’s process helped me to create a painting I’m proud of.”

  – Chris Myers, Artist, New Jersey USA


  • You want to learn a professional process to paint surfboards in an EASY and FAST way

  • You want to get skilled at Posca blending and color techniques

  • You have trouble either getting STARTED or FINISHING your paintings (this course gets you started and motivates you to finish!)

  • You dream of having mad art skills but aren’t sure where to start

  • You would like to one day travel the world, painting surfboards and stoking out your friends


“I liked taking the online course.  With no one watching, I wasn’t afraid to make mistakes, so I learned a lot more.  I painted faster and I just went for it. Now I’m painting every day and my art skills have improved a lot.”

- Robert Romero, San Diego, CA



“Poscas are the easiest medium to quickly master painting skills.”
– Drew Brophy

Poscas are simply the BEST medium to paint on sand finish surfboards.  They glide on easily, you can blend the colors beautifully and they last a very, very long time.

Poscas are easy to travel with; Drew Brophy has traveled the world painting surfboards with just one small bag of Poscas.  They are low maintenance and take up very little space.

Poscas are easy to learn how to use.  They are opaque, water-based paint pens.

Most paints have harsh smells and toxic chemicals and require brushes, jars and water.  With Posca there is no need to buy anything extra. 

Posca is non-toxic, leaves little mess, and the paint is contained in the pen.

Posca washes off your hands easily with soap and water.   It’s the perfect medium!


Questions people ask before saying, “ sign me up!” to the HOW TO PAINT YOUR SURFBOARD ONLINE COURSE.

You’ll need the following items to get started:

For prepping and finishing your surfboard painting so the paint is protected forever:  a clean dry rag, water (for the wet-sanding), a clear spray, 400 grit sandpaper and acetone.  The brands and types of spray that Drew recommends are shared in the online course when you sign up.

For drawing and painting:  an assortment of 14-16 colors of the Posca Paint Pens in 7M and black and white in a finer point (for detail), a sketch pad and pencil.  (A complete list is given in the course).

SURFBOARDS:  Posca paint pens work very well on traditional surfboards.  They do not work on FOAM (foam surfboards or boogie boards).  This course is meant to teach you how to use Poscas on sand finish and/or traditional surfboards.

No experience is needed!  Drew will walk you through the steps starting with sketching an idea to finishing with the last bit of paint.  We recommend that you practice on paper, wood or canvas first, before painting on your surfboard.  BUT IF YOU MAKE A MISTAKE, DON’T WORRY, YOU CAN REMOVE THE PAINTING BEFORE IT IS SEALED.

*And if you want to learn the basics, check out our POSCA Beginner Course here:

Drawing skills help, but are not necessary.  You can learn how to sketch anything; and Drew will show you how.

Drew will walk you through an idea-generation process.  Don’t worry - you’ll have more ideas than you know what to do with!

Posca paint pens have brilliant colors.  They are the easiest, best way to have fun painting.  They are non-toxic, easy to learn how to use and are water-based.  They are also easy to transport, which means that you can paint anywhere, even on the beach, in a car and at a concert! 

Yes, Poscas blend beautifully and easily!  Drew will show you how to use his secret Posca color-blending techniques and his winning color combination blends.

If you remember to cap them right away, Posca paint pens last a very long time.  You can paint ten to twenty surfboards (depending on how big the painting is) with a set of Posca Paint Pens.  Overall, you get a lot more paint for your money with Poscas compared to other mediums.  Poscas are an excellent value.

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