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Artist Short Licensing Agreement Template

Maria Brophy’s Licensing Agreement Template Package for Artists – Gets you Started in Art Licensing!

Many artists will spend countless hours trying to decipher complicated agreements from the back of art books or hire expensive attorneys when they want their own license agreement.

This package saves you from all that, because we’ve done most of the work for you.  (Provided in downloadable forms so no re-typing necessary)

Included in the package:

  1. Sample License Agreement Template in a Word Document that you can make changes to so you can use it again and again, for many different deals
  2. Separate PDF sheet explaining terms, sections of the contract; basics of what you need to know to get started
  3. One email question answered (within 10 days of purchase) e-mail Maria Brophy your question and she will respond as quickly as she can
  4. BONUS! Template: AMENDMENT to License Agreement, for future use should you make changes to a contract, add new artworks, or extend the life of the agreement.  Provided in Word Doc so you can change as needed.
  5. 2nd BONUS!  Template of a Deal Memo, a form you would use to make an offer or deal to a prospect
  6. Instructions on how to use all three of the templates
  7. Article titled “Five Steps to Closing a Licensing Deal”.

The License Agreement Template works great for:

  • One time payment deals
  • Royalty deals
  • Illustration packages
  • T-shirt Designs, Sticker Designs, any deal in which you want to license your art for a temporary use.
This Template is NOT great for:
  • Complicated deals that require a long form contract and one in which you need to work with an attorney
  • Deals where there are multiple parties involved (in which case we recommend you work with an attorney)
  • Any deal involving a TV show or live media (there are specific contracts for that)
Legal Disclaimer:  Maria Brophy is not an attorney; this template is one that was developed over time for her own personal use with licensing Drew Brophy’s artworks as well as her other artist clients.  For legal counsel, please consult a licensing attorney that specializes in working with artists.
ADDITIONAL OPTION:  Maria Brophy is available for one-on-one consulting to help guide you through a licensing deal, how to propose or price out a deal, or how to navigate any challenge you are having with your art business.  Details here.