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Artist’s Wall Mural Proposal Template and Price Sheet

Are you an artist who paints murals?  Or are you facing your first mural project?  You should be using a proper proposal/price template.  Maria Brophy has the perfect solution for you.

In this package, you’ll receive:

1 – Wall mural proposal template in a Word Document that you can use and change again and again, with the perfect language and look that will impress your client and get you paid

2 – Explanation of how to use the wall mural proposal and tips on how to keep your client happy

3 – A sample price sheet with a pricing structure (complete with our own mural pricing that you can use as your guide)

This package solves all of your worries about how much $ to charge and what should be included in your price!

Maria has been pricing and writing mural proposals for 20 years.  She figured it out for you- all you have to do is plug in your info!

Maria says:  "I put this package together to help artists ACTUALLY make money doing what they love; painting murals. My promise to you; this proposal template and explanation will make your job easier as a mural artist.

In this package, I share with you the following insider secrets to mural painting:

  • How much money $ you should charge, and what I’m charging!
  • I give you all my pricing in a structure that lays out different prices for different sizes – it’s in a word doc, so you can make changes to the price sheet for your own use
  • I explain what limits you should have in your proposal to keep your client from making too many changes on the sketches or from changing the scope of the work
  • Payment schedule to ensure that you get paid up front and on time!
  • Tips on how to close the mural deal

It took me years of hard work and trial and error to develop this system and proposal language.  I hope it helps make your life as an artist a little easier!

The reason I don’t just give this info away:  because I only want serious muralists to have this info.  A committed entrepreneur invests in their career.  Someone who is willing to invest in themselves is one who will take the information and use it and prosper from it.

What People Are Saying:

IT GOT ME A JOB! The proposal is thorough and straight forward. It was easy to read as well as easy to edit. I was able to just fine tune it to the way I liked it without doing much heavy lifting. I sent it out to a new client to paint a mural. I got the commission!!! Thank you so much because the bottom line is that I am an artist not a writer, and its sites like yours that really helps us out in creating the dream life that we artists are trying to achieve.

Frank Brenes

I GOT THE JOB! I recently bought Maria's proposal template for mural art and was able to land my first big wall mural art gig! They chose me out of 7 artists they interviewed. Maria gave me great ideas about how to price the wall murals. Just wanted to say thank you! I was hired to do three full-room wrap around murals for a house converting into a preschool. All this done in one month. :)

Cynthia Jax

GOT SCREWED A FEW TIMES AND FINALLY BOUGHT THIS PACKAGE - WILL SAVE ME! Just ordered and skimmed thru Maria's package quickly, and ALREADY FOUND 5 things that I WASN'T DOING, not in my contract, nor even considered. That alone makes it worth the money! My mural business has increased immensely, to $25K this year. Having this contract from Maria made me sit down and take my business seriously. I've been in the art biz for over 25 years and this is the first year I'm using contracts! I saw Maria's template package a couple years ago, but felt it was expensive for me. But I got screwed (and screwed myself too!) on a couple mural deals that I see now if had I the knowledge from the templates, I could've handled those deals better, and took on more work. But having seen my growth from the $40 one, I realize the importance of investing in yourself. I pulled the trigger on Maria's cuz I knew it would be much more comprehensive and again, I know now it's about investing in myself. That's what it's about y'all. I could've continued muddling along on my own brain-power, using the "trial-and-error" approach as I have been all these years, but I made that move to seek help and took it seriously, and now I see the growth. And now I'm ready to grow again. There's not that much info out there to help people with their mural business, so when you find someone/something good, you've got to take advantage of it. Finding these folks with the knowledge they're sharing is like finding the Warp Zone in Super Mario Bros. - it'll take you BEYOND the next level! :)

J.P. Mural Company

HELPED MY CAREER! Hi Maria. I first read your mural pricing info five years ago, and it was extremely helpful to me in developing my own pricing chart. It gave me the courage to have a minimum project fee and to post my mural pricing online. Thank you for doing what you do to help artists with the business side of things.


MOST PROFESSIONAL PROPOSAL TEMPLATE EVER! Thank you for putting together such an in-depth and professional proposal that covers details I would not have thought of. This would have taken me a long time to do on my own, and I would not have been as thorough. Being able to just put in my own information so easily made this purchase a wonderful investment for my business.

John D.

PRICE SHEET WAS A HUGE HELP! I was successful in bidding for a mural - I got the job! Your price sheet was a huge help. It was very scary asking for the big $$$, but it was professional, approachable, easy to understand for the client and I was able to successfully process their payments with my square for each scheduled payment. Thank you for sharing your knowledge- your book is on my list of to-do's.

Sara Bree

TOTAL WIN! I had never done a mural before, so I had a lot to figure out in addition to the proposal. This template helped me immensely, and I did get the job! It's 37' x 15', inside of a children's tutoring center. Being able to use this gave me the time to do inspiration research to put together for the client, so by the time I started sketching, it was easy to put together different ideas. It was worth it, thanks Maria for making this available!

Jacqueline Brown

HELPED ME IMMENSLEY! I ordered this product because I had just landed a mural job, first one in a long time. I had done a few before but not many. I wanted to have a proper proposal/contract for this job, (which could lead to more!) it was wonderful to have instant access to the template. I tailored it to my needs, adding and subtracting to suit the job. I sent it off to the client and received client signature today. It was so worth the expense- I feel it was a great investment in my mural business. A big thank you to Maria and Drew!

Jeanne Guerin-Daley

THIS GAVE ME DIRECTION. I was asked to paint a mural for a school but was told to submit a proposal. This is my first time. I had no idea how to start and how to price. The person I charge of the grant had not idea either. I was able to use the information in the proposal and pricing template as tweaked it for my needs.

Linda Laner

Very Helpful For Rookie Muralists! I was looking for help in the right direction since I’m starting to get hired for murals. I had no idea where to even start. This whole template was extremely helpful. A proposal sheet was something I had never heard of so reading all of these pages made me feel a little more confident in how I will be moving forward with my pricing. The pricing template, the proposal sheet, and the tips about writing a thank you card and sweep up my area to look more professional are things I never thought of. THIS WAS DEFINITELY WORTH THE PRICE! Maria thank you for helping upcoming artist. These pages are very well done!